With our studio portraits session you will spend an hour or so in our family portrait studio where we will capture a variety of fun and creative images.
With facilities for changing feel free to bring a selection of clothing from jeans to hats,(we do advise against logos & motifs as these come in and out of fashion very quickly these days)but the choice is yours
Bring along a favourite toy for little ones to help them settle into the session.
May we suggest keeping make up to a minimum for the start of the session, you can always apply more as we go along.
Low resolution images will be uploaded to this website, password protected so that only you and anyone you wish to give the password to can see them. These are entirely yours and are great for social media etc
Higher resolution images will be available for sale from us. These are far superior in quality should you wish to print any​​​​​​​
Hi I'm Claire
I am the artistic half of the duo.
I have worked with children for the majority of my life, & been a busy mum to four, I love children & have always tried to instil a creative/artistic flair into everything I do. It seemed natural to me to want to capture for ever those most precious memories
Normy is the technical genious & has taught me so much about photography, and I love trying to bring out the best in the people we photograph.
Hi there, I'm Normy
Claire is the good looking one ! I am the brains, have had a camera since I was 12, a Boots instamatic I think it was, progressed to 35mm film, DSLR and finally digital.
It falls on me to erect the sets, move lights & backdrops, and to check exposures etc whilst Claire directs & takes the pictures.
After the session we both check the images before uploading to the web
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